ReAct Engagement

Customer Engagement Solution for Tomorrow

A.IDEA enables brands to design and execute customer engagement and loyalty initiatives to discover true-value of their customers, and significantly improve returns.

ReAct Engagement offers cloud-based customer engagement and e-commerce solutions to SMEs, empowering them to engage their customers meaningfully as well as enabling them to move their brand to a digital platform without any investments.

ReAct also powers “City Rewardz”; a revolutionary loyalty marketplace that offers SME’s to have their own rewards program in any form they desire without the investments or overheads of establishing and managing a program.


  • Customer Database

    With the aid of our top-notch customer data management, you will be able to offer personalized promotions, rewards, offers, and many more amazing surprises to your customers. It will be easy for your company to collect and analyze customer data with our effective customer data management. With our intuitive data management strategies, you will get to know your customers better.

  • Customer Management

    With our innovative technology, you don't need to go through any stress or challenge in calculating your customer's lifetime value. ReAct Engagement System will help your brand to control your customers' enrollment till it reaches the stage of advocacy.

  • Points Engine & Calculations

    ReAct Engagement System supports the effortless combination of multiple loyalty schemes and programs. Various territories and loyalty schemes are existing together; with the help of ReAct, this is not a challenge. Customers can transfer and share points without stress through house holding features. ReAct supports the combination of schemes and programs.

  • Program Management

    Every brand loves to increase its customer engagement. Our full suite professional service will help to enable and manage the end-to-end experiences of customers. Our full suite of professional services will provide the strategy and guidelines needed to make it a success for your business.

  • Customer Segmentation

    There will be an opportunity to recognize a customer's group. The grouping or segmentation can be done by using customers’ interests, preferences and their choices. WIth this methodology, you will understand how to prioritize the needs of different customers.

  • Campaign Management

    The only possible way you can communicate fluently with your customers is by knowing and understanding them well. Even though your customer data is enormous, you can still process all their information with the help of our advanced segmentation. This will further assist you in identifying and creating motivations that drive their behavior. ReAct’s advanced campaign management tool also helps you group your customers based on their similar interests or needs.

  • Marketing Management

    It would be best to quickly get information about promotions or campaigns across to your customers through the right and appropriate channel. Through ReAct, you will also be able to personalize the campaigns and choose multiple channels to execute through a click.

  • Timely Engagement

    The relationship between you and your customers should not be challenging, and it is best when it is easy. With our combined data and technology, backed up by ReAct insight, it makes a connection with thousands or millions of people. For brands that love to scale individualized customer journeys, the React actionable technology is meant for you!

  • RFM Modeling

    ReAct customer loyalty scoring will help you build customer lifetime value and profile. Activity, history, and transaction data are calculated to build customer value score for the brand.

  • Tier Based Programs

    By developing an emotional connection through tiers and status, marketers can easily incorporate recognition and special treatment into their loyalty programs. Brands need to have a passionate relationship with their customers. Strong tiering is crucial to our loyalty design and modelling.

  • Cross Border & Franchise Programs

    Brands now finds it easy and flexible to configure their loyalty technology to manage customized elements of their program with our ReAct loyalty system. You can also make use of this loyalty system to break down businesses to meet the demand of your stakeholders, and you will still manage various programs across the countries. Different languages and currency isn't an excuse.

  • Personalized Notifications

    Communicating with one's customer at the right time through the right channel is essential. Within the assistance of our artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, you can communicate with your customers effectively. With the aid of our loyalty system, messaging at the right time will be triggered. Our loyalty system is connected to a mobile app, website or POS; this helps to personalize customers' experiences based on interaction or transaction.

  • Program Dashboard

    We have a great vision to allow marketers to quickly measure their program performance, leading to the creation of more business opportunities. A well-detailed report and an already built dashboard that visualizes performance through ReAct Engagement System.