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Loyalty & eCommerce Marketplace

Designed to bring brands closer to customers through various rewards and recognition schemes housed in one central platform.

Loyalty Landscape

  • Points Program

    Earning points against every AED you spend has always been a popular model with supermarkets, airlines, and hotels.But is it also effective in all industries?

  • Cashback Program

    Cashback on every AED spent, a loyalty model commonly used in the Banking industry. But how does it work in other industries?

  • Stamp Cards

    Stamp cards were always popular within the F&B industry because of their ability to drive retention. However due to logistics, control and program performance issues, some of the big brands are facing troubles.

  • For Merchants

    A CENTRALIZED customer ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM for businesses to run their own loyalty program with integrated delivery, table booking, contactless dining, take away and customer feedback

    • Design your own loyalty scheme
    • No operational headaches
    • Track program and campaigns ROI
    • Track customer satisfaction (on delivery, take away & dining)
    • Create your eCommerce enabled website to increase reach!
    • Distribute your own brand specific Gift Cards and become part of your customers celebrations.
    • FREE communication with customers
    • Design spend-based campaigns to drive sales
    • Customer database design to give you insights into customer spending.
    • Comprehensive reporting dashboard
  • For Customer

    ONE APP to access MULTIPLE loyalty PROGRAMS, enjoying many benefits through a single window:

    • Single app to access multiple programs
    • Choose from delivery, takeaway, contactless dining or table booking
    • Get rewarded for delivery, dining & take away
    • Choose brands that reward
    • Double the rewards with City Rewardz
    • Receive special offers and promotions
    • Check deals and offers near you
    • Participate and win through surveys and campaigns.


From a simple loyalty program to tier based program to group wide loyalty, City Rewardz can accommodate any client with their unique requirements.

  • Tier System Loyalty:

    Design TIER BASED REWARDS within your loyalty program based on customer spending. Tiers can be applied in Cashback and Points program within City Rewardz.

  • Multiple Loyalty Schemes:

    Want to excite your customer with more then one scheme? City Rewardz allows you to have multiple rewards for your customers. Choose Cashback or Points and add Stamps to it to make it more exciting.

  • Group wide loyalty :

    Set of business or set of brands under one GROUP can have a COALITION REWARDS PROGRAM within City Rewardz. Customer rewards are combined under across participating brands.

  • Discounts Enablement:

    These days customers are using various platforms for discount and offering them same rewards that are designed for regular customers in not financially viable. Within City Rewardz,brands can set up different RATIOS for REWARDS to ensure that people using discounts can also get something while becoming a part of their loyalty scheme.


Convenience, Reach & Rewards

City Rewardz e-Commerce solution enables merchants to bring convenience to their existing customers and at the same time it increases their reach to attract new and potential customers.

  • Custom Design:

    The City Rewardz Plug In option can enable any businesses websiteto turn it into a fully operative ecommerce website. However, even if your business does not have a website,City Rewardz can enable you to have a full branded website consisting of 5 sections, within a weeks’ time. Our eCommerce enabled websites are integrated with delivery radius management, minimum order options and various menu selections for brands with multiple locations.

  • Integrated loyalty:

    City Rewardz loyalty engine is integrated with your online and offline business. To make the customers stick to your brand in the long run, earning their loyalty is important. City Rewardz provides you as a business, a single view of your customers and your customers enjoy earning gifts and rewards from your outlets as well as your website, making their experience with your brand gratifying at all touch points.

  • Hassel Free:

    City Rewardz can advance the online presence of your business in no time. Merchants just have to share their product/services list with City Rewardz, and we will automate all aspects of their business presence online through domain management, SSL certification, payment gateway integration etc.

  • Multiple promotions:

    Once integrated, the City Rewardz eCommerce solution facilitates the merchants to run multiple promotional offers at the same time, intended to attract new customers or to retain the interest of its existing customers. Using City Rewardz eCommerce solution, businesses can design and create special promotion codes and discount offers to boost their revenues. Additional features include Delivery, Takeaway, Contactless Dining, Table booking, Appointment Bookings etc. as the basic features of City Rewardz eCommerce website.

Gift Cards

Increase Revenues & Be Part of Your Customers Celebrations

Create and launch your own branded Gift Card for your customers to increase customer loyalty and grow revenues.

  • Set up schemes & promotions:

    City Rewardz Gift Card solution assists businesses to create their own promotional scheme enabled Gift Cards. Whether it be Double Rewards to Happy Hour gift cards, City Rewardz provides the businesses multiple custom options to increase the sale of their Gift Cards. It enables businesses and merchants to retain their customers through promotional schemes lest they be lured away by competitors’ discount deals.

  • Gift Platform:

    Using the City Rewardz Gift Card Solution, businesses can create and launch their own branded gift cards for their customers, which will eventually increase their customer loyalty and drive their revenue growth. It is likely that the gift card holder spends more than the gift card amount while utilizing it and the same is bound to get an uptick in your business's sales, bringing profitability to your business.

  • Tracking & Issuance:

    City Rewardz App enables your customers to purchase your Gift Cards from the app or directly from the outlet. City Rewardz business app is designed to issue gift cards, redeem them against the purchase, check available balance, change expiry date if required and generate revenue reports. This helps you track your customer nerve at one hand and keep a score of your sales on the other.

  • Breakage:

    A personal touch is what the customers appreciate the most in any business. Through the City Rewardz Gift Cards Solution, you can be a part of all the important celebrations in your customers life by creating and offering seasonal gift cards like Merry Christmas, Birthday Celebrations and Happy Father’s/Mother’s Day etc. This thoughtfulness will also encourage your loyal customers to introduce their family and friends to your brands through this gifting feature.


Brand specific customer database leading to customer insights is equipped with smart campaign management and communication engine to deliver end to end solution for smarter campaigns.

  • Customer Database:

    NAME, EMAIL, DOB and NATIONALITY are the basic information of the customer required by the company.

  • Customer Behavior:

    When they BUY, how OFTEN do they buy and from WHERE they buy, helps in designing strategies and promotions.

  • Intelligent Campaigns:

    Campaigns designed around customers behaviors and insights always bring higher ROI’s. From HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS YOU to SPEND specific campaigns are delivered to your customers.

  • Communication Manager:

    Integrated with SMS, App notifications and emails, our partners have many ways to reach out to their customers with special offers and alerts.

Acquisition, Satisfaction & Reminders

From acquisition to customer satisfaction against each transaction, City Rewardz ensures that you are socially connected to with your loyalty customers.

  • Potential Customers:

    Your brand will be VISIBLE to other USERS to explore your loyalty schemes along with your products and services without you needing to spend on marketing or using 3rd party BOGO or Delivery platforms.

  • Social Media Connect:

    CONNECT your SOCIAL MEDIA through your loyalty space to encourage your loyal customer to engage with your social presence.

  • Customer Satisfaction:

    Each transaction sends a request to the customer about their experience with the services and product. Customer response is collected and kept for action and improvement in facilities, products and services.

  • Service Alerts:

    In built ALERT SYSTEM designed to inform customers when they are due for next service or appointment. Our service alerts are automated around last interaction with the brand and customized for each industry.

Program to Campaign Performance

Dashboard equipped with all program-related information covering, but not limited to, ROI calculation on program and marketing campaigns.

  • Program Performance:

    Every time you give a product or service an amount is recorded, and every time the customer receives a free gift, the cost is calculated. System will automatically calculate ROI on your loyalty initiative.


    Imagine the power of CUSTOMER KNOWLEDGE for marketing and sales department to Stay ahead. We use comprehensive customer segmentation to drive campaigns.

  • System Security & Identification:

    Every staff is assigned a location wise PIN tracking every activity and interaction between customer and brand. Reports are available to monitor PIN and Location wise issues of points, stamps or cashback.

  • Program Dashboard:

    Program dashboard gives a COMPREHENSIVE VIEW on program PERFORMANCE and key indicators that are helpful in making future decisions and actions to enhance customer relations.