Digital Stamp

Evolution of Digital Stamp

Lately we seems to underestimate the value of customer information. Who they are, where they are from, where do they spend their money and what do they spend it on. Moreover, even having this information doesn’t mean much if teams and systems are not there to act on the information. It all seems blurry when it comes to customer spend and behavior.

Things going out of control

Businesses are looking for quick wins and instant customers without realizing its impact on the bottom line. So many businesses are playing victim to their own doing.

  • coronavirus

    Who could have imagined the vulnerability of businesses when it comes to things that are out of our control.

  • buy 1 get 1 free

    F&B sectors have almost no customer retention or loyalty tool in place except tactical one time offers.

  • deals platforms

    Entertainer to Smiles to so many more platforms taking Buy 1 Get 1 from you and making money off of it while you feel stuck now.

  • Delivery Players

    Graph shows their revenues off your commission. Though they get you new customers but still you have no way to own them.

The Loyalty Landscape.

  • BOGO 3rd Parties

    Loyalty strategy built upon buy 1 get 1 free offers from 3rd party platform does not bring any loyalty to the brand customers simply seeking deals.

  • Points Program

    Historically, points programs not designed for F&B sector and customers find it difficult to track and wait months to get FREE fries.

  • Stamp Cards

    Stamp cards were always popular within F&B industry. Due to logistics, control and program performance issues big brands stop using it.



Needs to evolve

  • Collect data
  • Drive repeat business
  • Behaviour analysis
  • Delight & Excite customers


Digital Stamp 4 Enterprise is designed keeping in mind many things and everything that is important to run an engagement and loyalty program that can service brands with millions of customers with hundreds of outlets and thousands of staff.

Customer Knowledge

In todays digital world the most important thing is KYC (Know Your Customers) main reason for having a loyalty program.

  • Customer Information:

    Name, Email, Date of Birth are the very basic info one should know about their customers.

  • Customer Behavior:

    What they buy, when they buy and from where they buy help designing strategies and promotions.

  • Insights for Marketing & Sales :

    Imagine the power of customer knowledge for marketing and sales department to stay ahead.

  • Intelligent Campaigns:

    Campaigns designed around customers behaviors and insights always bring higher ROI’s.

Build in communication engine

  • SMS Messaging

    SMS Messaging to enroll customers on to the program and nice to have for customers who are dormant. SMS functionality is integrated with SMS Gateway.

  • App Notification

    App Notification from thank you note to you got stamp. Digital Stamp has in built App notification that is completely FREE communication channel to marketers.

  • Emails

    Emails to customers with existing and new marketing campaigns. Simply upload the artwork within Communication manager select audience and press SEND.

  • Campaign management

    Design automated campaigns based on customer demographics, spending behavior, upsell and cross sell targets and anything one can imagine.

    • On Birthdays send customer special offer with 50% discount valid for 5 days.
    • Once a customer spends USD 100 in 30 days send him FREE meals valid for 7 days.
    • If a customer does not get second stamp within 10 days send him, we miss you message.
  • Stamp tracking & security

    Digital Stamp is designed to ensure that brands with hundreds of locations and thousands of staff can easily track issuance of stamps by staff and by location. In an environment where a brand have many franchises it is very important to have complete analysis by location for stamp reconciliation. Through Digital Stamp brands can see which location has issued how many paid stamps and FREE stamps. Through PIN and Location system also establishes a pattern on customer movement across various stores.


    Each staff is assigned a unique 4 digital PIN that is trackable to each and every stamp. System captures time and date information along with each stamp.


    Each PIN is linked with a specific location. This functionality supports in stamp reconciliation specially when a brand is working under franchise environment.

  • Take the ownership & show it to your customers

    Only platform that can transform into anything you want. From your brand guidelines to your imaginative skills to creates what excite your customer is doable.

    brand guidelines

    From the beauty of your brand colors to the essence of your brand, Digital Stamp can be modified to reflect your reflection to your customers. From Icons to Emojis to stamp design own it all to make it like nothing else.


    If there is one things that makes Digital Stamp unique that is, its capability to unleash imaginative powers of marketers. Come up with any scheme, design any campaign plan any initiative and it can be done within days if not hours.

  • Multiple schemes one card

    traditional cards collaps because you can only run one scheme thorugh them

    Today every business runs multiple products lines, they cannot give out separate cards for each product or service as they need to keep them separate. Digital Stamp can run multiple schemes through one card.

  • Extras

    Delight box

    Delight your customers through Delight Box. Combined all the individual stamp within Delight Box for bigger and unique rewards. Incentivize customers through various actions covering but not limited to surveys, quizzes, referral program and social media interactions. All bundled within Delight Box for Enterprise to go beyond anyone’s imagination.