• A. Idea Ltd.

    A. IDEA Ltd is a boutique customer eengagement agency that creates reformative customer engagement channels for companies to interact, engage and strengthen their relationship with consumers effectively. Having spent over 20 years in the industry, our team has witnessed the disconnect between consumers and brands, firsthand. This is what led us to come forward and take the lead in redefining how brands interact with consumers. By combining creativity and data, we develop communication channels between brands and consumers that transform brand interactions into tangible results…

  • Our Philosophy

    We believe that inadequate performance is the result of a brand’s inability to understand their customers . This belief has fueled us to develop an innovative model that places customer engagement at the forefront of strengthening the relationship between brands and customers. Our strategy factors the evolving digital communication landscape and proactively identifies solutions.

  • Our Vision

    We strive to create a better working world where consumers enjoy every interaction, they have with a brand by fostering transparency between the two.

  • Our Mission

    To support brands that seek to create authentic engagement through understanding and empathizing with customers, by anticipating their needs, desires, and actual behavior in this era of digital evolution.

  • Our Values

    As a Customer Engagement Agency, we are in the business of creating as well as establishing loyalty and trust within you and your valued customers. To do so, authenticity and accountability is placed at the forefront of our core values. We tell brands what they need to hear – not the things they would like to hear or assume about their consumers.

A. Idea is a two-layered company where the top layer consists of our clients and the bottom layer is our team creating the foundation to support your success. As a small yet efficient team, we provide you a personalized experience while delivering brilliant ideas immediately.

Adnan Idrees - Magician

The Harry Potter of A.Idea, Adnan had a spell cast over numerous blue chip companies for over 20 years, with his customer engagement chants. His magic charm even wooed Etisalat for their project Smiles. His engagement wand turns boring pumpkin businesses into profitable companies in the wink of an eye. His magic carpet has now landed over A.Idea and his abracadabra of innovation and flexibility has made UAE’s customer engagement market spellbound.

Nadir Khan - Driver

The go-getter of A.Idea, Nadir is a highly motivated, self-driven executive whose limit is beyond the sky, when it comes to sales. With more than 15 years of successful track record in business development, digital marketing and sales across GCC & KSA, he is the driving force behind A.Idea’s triumphs and prosperity. His spectrum of experience through BenQ, Siemens, Lexmark Printers and Microsoft is evident of his zeal and achievement.

Ashish Chaturvedi - City Rewardz Growth Hacker, Sultanate of Oman

Ashish Chaturvedi has a career spanning for more than 25+ years while working in markets like India, UAE and Oman with professional experience of setting up successful startups to working as founding members of MNC’s. His professional journey has varied experience of media sales ranging from Publications to Electronic media and OOH media while heading and leading sales teams of professionals of diversified nationalities while developing a good understanding of work culture. Apart from this Ashish enjoys Golf as an recreational sports and is fond of Hindi music and movies especially from 70’s and 80’s era.

Fotois Panagiotopoulos - Growth Hacker, Europe

Fotois has over 12 years of worldwide company development experience, with a strong focus on the telecom sector. From South America to Taiwan, and from Russia to Saudi Arabia, he has worked with telecoms all around the world. His focus is on end user happiness, which fosters greater engagement and involvement, having been the inspiration of 220 Telecom initiatives internationally.

Mohsin Mukhtar - City Rewardz – Growth Hacker North America

Mohsin has worked with a number of well-known blue-chip firms throughout the world, including 3M, RBC, and J&J. He was the Renewable Energy portfolio leader for 3M MEA, as well as the Industrial, Automotive, Tapes & Adhesive, and Retail businesses, having direct accountability for over $185 million in P&L. He has also worked for 3M in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as FM and Country GM. Mohsin's eye for CPG, Healthcare, and Industrial services, recurring revenue firms, and employing data, operational management, and technology to drive efficiency within organizations has helped Ventures maintain its reputation for scale up and profitability. Mohsin has served as CCO for two B2B and DTC companies, assisting in their scaling to long-term success.

Yusra Khan - Puzzler

Our Puzzler Yusra is the future of A. Idea. A young, vibrant and energetic soul, Yursa is full of fresh ideas and is an effective problem solver. She is in charge of ensuring all administrative and financial matters are proficiently dealt with.